Some places in India that are exciting and dangerous at the same time


India is a every day becoming traveler’s paradise. The varying geographic terrain of this country offers a traveler so many experiences. From holy places to adventurous spots there are extremely vast options for you if you are thinking of a travel in India.

India has many such places that hold immense natural beauty, yet are undiscovered and inaccessible to travelers. The country has certain places that give you an adrenaline rush like no other. We list out some of the most dangerous places in India that will give you the thrill!


The place was in the line of fire during the Kargil war. This should be enough to make you feel the chills. This is the second coldest habitable area in the world! the area is prone to several military incursions and crossfire of bullets. It is also called as ‘Gateway to Ladakh’.

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Silent Valley national park, Kerala

 The tourist influx to this place has suffered a steep decline ever since the Maoists’ attack in 2014. There is no denying that the place is blessed with raw, natural beauty.

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Pamban Bridge, Rameshwaram

The bridge connects Rameshwaram to central India. It is 100 years old, allows ships to pass underneath (requires 12 people to manually pull levers to change the ascent), and the gushing winds are known to cause quite a stir!

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Kailash Mansarovar Pilgirmage

Think of a trek that requires you to climb 18000 feet! If you are an amateur, this is not the place to be even thinking. Altitude sickness, nausea and blurred vision are just some of the issues you will come across if you do think to take this up!

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Roop Kund, Uttarakhand

There is a mysterious lake full of skeletons in Uttarakhand by the name of RoopKundLake. Skeletons dating back to the 9th century have emerged from this lake. Roop Kund trek that you have to climb up to 16000 feet .

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Kishtwar Kailash Road

One of the scariest roads not just in India but in the world, the Kishtwar Kailash road takes you near death. The road is very unpredictable and in some phases it is wide enough for only one vehicle to pass through. The scary quotient, well a little miscalculation and misjudgment will send you down a drop of hundreds of meters in a valley to nowhere.

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