10 Things every girl expects from her boyfriend


Girls will never ask her boyfriends to say something or do something for them but believe me they expect a lot. Not big but a lot of little things are there which a girl wants their boy to do for them. Avoiding the small relationship problems true man should try their best in making their women happy.

Here are some of the things you can do for her to take your relationship to some other level and make her feel special.

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You can make your girl happy by just saying some of the following things that girlfriends like to hear but won’t ask you to say.

 1. Message before going to sleep.

This will hardly take your 5 minutes and for her it would be one of the things which made her day.


2. Morning text when she wakes up.

Remind her that this is the another day of your relationship and you still love her like anything.

3. Show your appreciation for her good deeds.

It is good to have a friendly relation and making fun of each other but try to respect and appreciate the work in which she is good.

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4. Show respect for her parents and siblings.

You got to have respect for her parents as well as siblings.

5. Sing a romantic song for her.

This is the thing every girl dreams of whenever she things about the lover of her life. Her boy singing for her cute romantic songs no matter how bad he sings.

6. Enjoy cuddles with her, without any lust.

Everytime you meet her you should enjoy the company and experience new things with her and try avoiding the lust part for some times.

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7. Tell her “I love you” in different styles.

Try to be different from the similar and say I love you to her in different romantic ways.

8. Give her true compliments about her clothing and hairstyle.

9. Every girl wants her boy to be a little insecure for her. But don’t be too much insecure this is the thing she hates the most.

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10. They love to be admired and inspired from you. Try to be a person who always stays like a light showing her ways through the dark.