5 Ways to figure out who is fake and who is not….


Fakeness is smething everyone hates. Even the fake people hate fake people around them. Have you ever thought that how easy our life can be if all the people around us will mean what they say and say what they mean. You always aspire to have a group of friends which is all real and always stand uo for you no matter what. Only few people succeed in the search.

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We have come up with some really great ways to check out upon who is fake and who is not.

1. You know who your real friends are when you pull yourself away from them and see why you are pulling away.

A real friend friend will never let you go away from his life. He will run over you to tell him about the reason you are amd at him. The one wh is fake will ask you once but will not care about it the very nest moment.

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2.You may also try a situational test

A test on them wherein you pretend to be struck in some really bad situation. This would let you know that who really will always be there for you.

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3.Start observing

Don’t always be ignoring about things. If you ever have a doubt about someone to be fake in your mind than start observing and thinking about why would he being fake or what is the selfishness about you being his friend.

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4. A friend wandering bitching about you can never be real.

If you ever find that the friend you really have trust on bitches about you the hell out then come out of your dream castles and face the reality.

5. If the friend you have forgiven earlier repeats the same thing which hurts you badly. Even then they keep on repeating than just let them go away from your life.

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Images: Giphy, tumblr