How to Begin Conversation with Your Crush! #problemsolve


Are you also trying to have a word with a person you are seeing since last one year but are not able to collect the courage and wish a Hi to him/her. Texting, calling, following, staring these things are not the way you shall try on your crush, they will immediately tag you as despo.

So take a deep breath, summon your courage we will tell you some steps that how you should go about it.

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Know the interests of your crush from the external sources

Always remember that the sources should be trustable otherwise things would get ruined in the very beginning. Try discussing about those interests with your random friend. When your crush is around you this will let your crush notice you for once.

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Step 2

Just be yourself

Nervousness is the obvious thing but try to avoid the nervousness to come on your face. Look confident enough and also ambitious about your life.

Step 3

Wait for the right time and place for the conversation

To avoid the awkwardness always wait for the right time to begin conversation.

Step 4

Talk to them casually as if you already know them. Don’t make them feel that you are excited about this first meeting.

Step 5

Be an active listener to your conversation

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Step 6

Tell them about some interesting places to hangout, and get their number

If things seem to be going well, ask your crush if he or she wants to hang out again or ask for his or her number. This is good to do around the three quarter point into your conversation

Step 7

Keep the humor alive so that your conversation does not get bored

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Step 8

End the conversation on a good note

Send a follow up text. In the next couple of days saying hello and checking in with him or her about the things you talked about.

Images: Giphy, Tumblr