“Friendship Mast Jasoosi Zabardast”, Nickelodeon is on the Right Path!


Nickelodeon is a huge entity contributor in every kid’s life. The type of cartoons comes in front of our eyes in our childhood, the type signifies our though process. So, it is very important to make it right, happy, funny and cheerful.


Kids are very much into cartoons, they love watching it so it is better to show them things with message, fun, humor or may be cartoon full of inspiring idols. Well, Nickelodeon understood this and decided to come up with a all new cartoon show “Gattu and Battu”.

Yes, Nickelodeon is gearing up for their 4th original Indian character cartoon which will be India’s first detective show for kids.


The story is based on two friends Gattu Battu who runs a detective agency. They both present the true essence of friendship and wonderfully complete each other when Battu repeatedly getting into trouble and Gattu be a rescue.

The kids nowadays need to understand the essence of this relationship and Nickelodeon is on the right path.


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