10 Instagram Fitness Experts Who Will Give You Body Goals


No matter how good you are at your workout regime, everybody at some point need a little extra motivation and inspiration in order achieve the “fitness goals”. While browsing through Instagram the other day, I came across some admiringly fit bodies and souls, who can caste a spell on anyone with their fit lifestyle. They do not only share pictures of their bodies and workout regimes, But infact help the visitors on their profile take some really healthy decisions by providing a multitude of tips and suggestions! It’s like getting personal training from the best trainers across the globe without spending a single penny.

So here is a list of 10 fitness experts on Instagram that you must follow without a second thought-


1. Ashley Borden

35,000 hours of training experience to her name,This Fitness queen’s feed’s are full of majestic shots of toned abs, biceps and video clips.

2. Jen Selter

Fitness model Jen Selter probably has the most famous booty around the globe, that would give Kim K. a run for her money!

3. Jen Sinkler

This badass trainer’s Instagram is full of evidence that her no-nonsense attitude towards strength training seriously pays off.

4. Rachel Brathen

This yoga instructor travels around the globe and leave us awstruck with the enthralling snapshots of herself in numerous yoga poses. She even provides tips and tricks on how to master them.

5. Sarah Olive Bergeson

“The fitness mom”, Sarah Olive Bergeson rules Instagram with inspirational stories to keep her followers motivated.

Some days nothing goes right except your workout, yes? #abs #core #strength #diastasisrecti #healed #homeworkout #bathtublaundry

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6. Heidi Powell

This another mom of four is a fitness trainer on ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss”. There isn’t anything this woman can’t do, and her Instagram feed will make you feel the exact same way about yourself.

7. Dovies Workout

A natural Fitness trainer who will help you achieve a great body without any Drugs or supplements!

FUN WAY TO GET MASS GAINS. BICEP AND SHOULDERS NEVER BEEN THIS FUN. hahahaha. I’m using 5kg weight. I do each workout for to 5 rep then go for different move. Then I get my groove on for 10 seconds that’s my rest time. and then I repeat it over and over. Sometimes I will be doing this for 20 min. So will be working everything. Little cardio in there to burn some fat. Using light weight will help burn them fat. Keep you firm. I don’t do much weight but believe me my arms is way bigger than lots of heavy weight lifters. Light weight with lots of reps = more gains. At least that work for me. Try it. And Make sure your workout is fun. Tag a friend and share the love. Please share the video and follow @doviesfitness always song by Ding Dong Ft Bravo & Boom boom – WUL UP

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8. Mary Helen Bowers

Mary is a Professional ballerina and creator of Ballet Beautiful fitness. This Ballerina posts stunning images that are as strong as they are elegant.

9. Dylan Werner

Dylan is a L.A.-based yoga instructor. His awe-inspiring photos and videos will motivate you to take off your shoes and pose no matter where you are.

Sometimes it’s the question that’s more important than the answers.

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 10. Jay Cardiello

Jay Cardiello is a celebrity trainer who’s trained celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara.  He is an author and fitness editor at large for SHAPE magazine, whose Instagram profile is packed with workout regimes, workout challenges and healthy recipes.

👈 Any idea what to call these #pushups? #morningworkout #strong #instagood #instafit #fitspo

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