#HoliHai: Taking Care of Your Skin and Hair is Also Important on Holi!


Who doesn’t like to play Holi? After all, it is all about love, colors, and happiness. But you just cannot afford to damage your hair just for a day of fun. Taking care of your skin and hair is important and we all know that! Even the best quality of Gulaal can damage your skin and hair. So this time, go fully prepared for this Holi!

Here are some tips to take care of your skin and hair this Holi:

1. Moisturize your skin properly in advance because it will be easier to remove colors

2. Oil your hair before you go out to play Holi. It will prevent color to get into your hair and roots.

3. Always wear your sunscreen. It is another way to moisturize your skin.

4. Always use herbal and natural colors because they cause less damage.


5. Shield your hair with a shower cap or hat. Don’t forget it!

6. Use the Mixture of chickpea flour, milk and lemon to get rid of the stains.

7. Paint your nails with darkest shades so that the color won’t stay.

8. Avoid kerosene, petrol etc. to remove paint and colors. Instead, use a mild shampoo or baby soap.


9. Apply aloe gel upon irritation or itching as it soothes itching.

10. Wear cotton clothes as they don’t stick to your body and cause itching.

11. Wash your eyes with clean water upon itching, you shall not take it lightly. In case the itching increases, visit the doctor!

12. Use spoons instead of hands to eat because your hands get colored. And you will be indirectly in taking the color!


13. Protect your lips from color and from getting chapped. The colors contain chemicals which can damage your lips.

14. Get rid of itching scalp post-Holi celebration by using vinegar!

15. Use multani mitti pack to remove color (Aapka apna desi ilaaj!)

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16. Do not facial, wax, shave or bleach the following week.


17. Massage your body with Til (Sesame) oil before taking bath

18. Soothe the irritated skin with Apple and Cucumber Juice

19. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water so that you can enjoy the festival at most!


At last, have a happy and safe Holi!!!