India a “Namak Haraam” Country? – Beyond any doubt!!


Some over-smart brats from Pakistan, once again tried to bugger India with their Non-nonsensical tantrums. According to a Latest Twitter trend, Google search will pop up Indian Flag if you type “Namak Haraam” Country in the search box. Check it out-


Before any logic could be found out behind the same, Some (Senseless) trollers from our favorite neighboring country(Sarcasm) took over Twitter to Mock India (Nothing new).

The social media is loaded with screenshots of “namak haraam” country Google search shared by people. This left Many Indians enraged (Of-course) with the search engine.Users on twitter shared the picture along with angry messages around it. But wait, wait my Country-mates! Calm down a bit! Let me just give you an insight into the matter and what the reality really is.

‘Namak haraam’ is a popular 1973 Hindi film starring Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna and Rekha.The 1973 Bollywood blockbuster is the reason, you get Indian flag when you search for ‘Namak Haraam country’. Besides this, if you Google – ‘Namak Halaal country’, even then you’ll see the beautiful INDIAN flag!


Don’t believe us, Check this out. We searched a few movies, associated with different countries and this is what turned up-



Well, We have a successful Film Industry and we are proud of it. 

The entire incident is a clear example of “Heard mentality”. Saw screenshots, mocked the nation, HA HA HA. Did anyone bother to check the facts? NO! Who has time to check the FACTS? DUH!

Google is innocent, It is the Low IQ levels of some people that give rise to such Hoax’. But the only thing We fail to realize is, checking facts before concluding is a must.

So Dear Neighbors, Sorry for the disappointment. I hope you find something BIGGER AND BETTER next time, before nudging us! And please, find something better to do!