McDonald’s to shut down 43 out of 55 outlets in Delhi


It might not sound good to your ears but yess McDonald’s is about to close. Do not panic it is just for some temparory period.McDonald’s, the global burger joint, is shutting its 43 outlets out of 55 in Delhi on Thursday as the tiff between CPRL (Connaught Plaza Restaurants), that operates 168 restaurants in total, and US-headquartered McDonald’s took a sour turn.

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What report says..

CPRL Vikram Bakshi got informed about the temporary suspension of the 43 joints of McDonald’s in Delhi. Reports says that the decision was taken via a Skype meeting on Wednesday. It is really bad to hear this because not just the place to hang out but also the jobs of 1700 employees is getting wiped away by this.

However, as per an official statement released by McDonald’s India Pvt. Ltd. (MIPL), the services by McDonald’s are temporarily suspended for the operations of specific restaurants.

According to reports, the temporary suspension is a result of the expiration of the Eating House Licenses of specific restaurants. However, the Board of the CPRL is currently working to obtain the licenses need to comply with McDonald’s regulatory standards.Interestingly. the brand has ensured that the CPRL will retain the employees of the affected restaurants. It is also being claimed that the employees will get their salary during the period of suspension..

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