Pakistanis Hacked Delhi University, AMU, IIT-Delhi & 7 Other Websites!


This is indeed shameful and shocking news. A Pakistani hacker group hacked Delhi University and other websites and gave out a message on Tuesday, “Nothing deleted or stolen. Just here to deliver my message to Indians”. They claim themselves to be from Pakistan.

They hacked 10 educational institutes official websites including Delhi University, IIT-BHU, IIT-Delhi, AMU, University of Kerala and Aligarh Muslim University.

Delhi University

They name themselves as, “PHC Pakistani 133t w4s h3r3” and said that, “hack is in response to Code-Man’s hack of and in solidarity with innocent Kashmiri people being killed by Indian Army”.

After hacking the websites, they gave out slogans which read, “Nothing deleted or stolen. Just here to deliver my message to the government and the people of India.”

Delhi University

Also, they posted videos of Indian soldiers committing brutality in Kashmir. They said that, “#Security Is Just an Illusion”.

The time is crucial as admission season is around and all the portals serve online admissions and thousands of students upload their documents and personal details on the portal. The hacking can get it worse.

The Registrar of Delhi University, Tarun Das gave a statement that, “The varsity’s website was inaccessible from outside the campus for some time due to some problems in the Domain Name Servers, which pointed incorrectly to another site. The problem was detected and immediately rectified.”