Pakistani guy tried to troll India,this is how India gave it back


India and Pakistan’s relationship has got a big hit after Uri attack. Don’t know about Indian politicians but Indian soldiers are not sit back. They become badass if time needs. So does Indian Twitteratis, especially if a Pakistani guy tries to troll them. Right now, the battlefield is social media platforms and soldiers are people sitting on their mobile and laptops. Citizens of both countries are trying their level best to mock each other. And we have a perfect example for this.


So, a Pakistani guy actually tried to troll India using Google search suggestions. He posted a snapshot of Google suggestions asking Google “Why India always…” and Google answered something like this:

This is not all. Now you gotta see Indian twitter users reactions and I am sure you would not deny that nobody can mess with us.

Take a bowl of popcorn and sit back. Entertainment dose coming with speed of 999km/h. Have a look at what replies did this Pakistani guy get:

Serious burn!!!

Did it hurt?????

@AndColorPockeT @SmokingSkills_ @Ghazzuu @mahnoor Add to the list….??

— Pankaj Mishra (@pankajmishra23) September 22, 2016

This guy is not meant to stop. 

How about what Pakistan should do?

And what “WHY?”

Well, rather it be the battlefield or social media. No one can simply troll India because we can give some real serious burns even when you’re trying to be sarcastic. I hope you didn’t forget about Piers Morgan stuff.

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