15 Ways to Keep a Relationship Going Without Being Bored and Complicating it


Relationships are all about love and respect, first. Then there are many other things apart from this, you can say commitment, compromise, compatibility, care, understanding, trust, and much more. There are many things, you have to look around and take care of. You just can’t throw yourself into a relationship and do whatever you feel like. When you get into a real relationship, two people have to work it out. You may get bored but you have to handle things carefully.

There, obviously, are times when it becomes hard to handle things but you have to be calm and understand the situation. You need to let go of your ego and rise above it to become a better person.

Here are the ways to keep your relationship going with being bored and fighting:

# Love each other unconditionally. Don’t love them for what they have, what you want them to be and what you want from them.

# Don’t lie, no matter how worst the condition could be. It is better to hurt them with truth rather than comforting them with lies.

# Keep communication open, talk about your problems, tell and ask about each other’s routine, days and life.


# Stay sweet, little gestures can make your relationship even better.

# When you get hurt try to forgive and forget rather than holding grudges.

# Never talk about break-ups and ending the relationship over small fights.


# Never say it’s okay when it is not. You are supposed to talk about things and sort them out. Saying it is okay when it is not, only make things worse.

# Forget about pride and ego, ego makes things complicated for both of you.

# If you say sorry, mean it. Don’t just say sorry and do the same thing again.


# Don’t compare your past with your present. NEVER.

# Don’t talk about your exes and what they did for you. This only makes a person jealous in a bad way.

# Give and take process, you get what you give. If you want respect, learn to give respect.


# Beware of his/her feelings, what is going on with their lives. What they are going through in their day-to-day routine.

# When you had a fight, don’t let the days pass. It makes things complicated and you will end up holding on to things you should not.

# Don’t be the perfect one, be the right one.



Images Source: Tumblr