Why does a relationship ends highlighted by a spiritual advisor

Why relationships end

To be in a relationship is the thing which every one admires and want in their life. Every one want someone in their life who can make them feel special.

I have seen two types of people: people unable to find the ideal relationship, and people who do find that great, joyful relationship but can’t hold on to it. When you get in deep love with someone it becomes harder to hold on it. This relationship is created by the person in their life on their own. This is the reason of their delicacy.


On the bases of my personal experience I have come up with some suggestions that never get too desperate about coming in a relationship. Date the person as many times as you want until you feel that he/she is the one. The primary reason why relationships end is taking love of the other person for granted.

Here are some of the reasons which I find results in ending up a relationship.


When one person gets bored with the pattern

“I need you” “I want you” “I desire you” these words should not be confused with love. Its only that you are satisfying the needs of the person either emotionally or physically. But when you get lazy about making love or get bored of the weekly dates you go to. Their comes the time to en a relationship.

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Taking someone’s love forgranted

Not everyone on this Earth gets someone in their life who loves them like they love to breath and also not everyone gets loved the same way they love. If you can’t love them as much as they do then at least respect their love.

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Not everyone understands the delicacy of love

To find authentic love, you must give authentic love. This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice everything and become a martyr to love — only that you must fill yourself with so much love that it has no choice but to overflow. If you take your love as just an option then who knows, they my leave you as a choice.


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