For those who take movies too seriously..REEL Life vs. REAL Life


We all are die hard fans of movies and stuff and whenever we are into a movie we relate ourselves to one or the other character of the story. We take movies too seriously that we develop a thinking that real life is no way different than the real one. Yes, some movies are based on real life incidents but they too are not close to reality. We all fall in the trap of thinking that what’s shown in movies is true.

Let us discuss some most common reel life things of bollywood which we relate to our real life.

College Life

College life which we get to see in movies is real fake. In real life college life is entirely different. It is movies which increase expectations of school students this much  that when they come to college they get depress for one time. Their are no friends waiting for you when you just enter the college you have to make efforts and make friends. Not all boys come to college just to see girls around they also have some aim in life. No professor is interested in love life of any student. It doesn’t work out this way. Students have a lot of assignments and projects to complete.

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In some movies heroes have one and only goal of life which is getting that girl and make her fall for you. Firstly, the girl hates that boy like anything and then eventually she not only likes him but also gets ready to do anything for him.

In reality, love isn’t the single most important thing in life.  Yes, it is important but people don’t dance around streets and fight for it their whole lives. People move on, you show up after three months to see your ex is over you.

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Every movie have fighting scenes in which, everytime a poor sabzivala or dhabevala looses his earn of living when hero destroys all the things around. Whatever the situation maybe the hero always wins.  Punching your opponent in the face is the final move. One stab in the stomach and the person dies.

reel vs. real life