Things you should never say to a guy while texting


Relationships today are largely done over WhatsApp and chat and it’s convenient too. There are some things you do not want to be telling a guy over text because it creates complications. Moreover, saying those things while texting makes the guy uncomfortable and sometimes doubtful.


Here are the things you should never say to a guy while texting:

1.”We need to talk” 

If you send these words to the man, then you might as well sent him a text saying “It’s over”, because that’s he is most likely to be thinking.It’s sound like whatever the topic of the conversation is not going to be pleasant.

2.”My period is late”


This is not a text message conversation.Having a late period is a big deal and you do not have to discuss these type of things over SMS.

3.”Do you really love me ?”

You shouldn’t ever send a text like this because it sounds like desperate.Guys need some space in their life do not pushing them by texting these type of messages.If he loves you he will tell you surely and he probably won’t do it by text.

4.”It’s over”


Breaking up with someone via text is one of the big no-nos of texting etiquette.If he doesn’t want to break up then hearing the news is going to be bad enough, without it coming in a form of cold and blunt text.

5.”Are you ignoring me ?”


If he is ignoring you he is not going to respond.And you are not doing yourself a favor by asking it he’s ignoring you because he’s still not going to respond.Just let it be

6.Screenshots of past conversation

Sending him a screenshot of the last conversation may seem like a good idea to prove your point at that time.If they’ve already been resolved then you are taking up unnecessary issues and adding fuel to the fire.

7.”I see you”

Do not be creepy.Even if you spot your crush across the mall. Don’t send these type of text.It is too weird.

8.”I love You”(for the first time)

Don’t you dare to break out the L word in a text! Love deserves face to face conversation.


So guys keep these things in mind while texting.It is not only for girls.It is for both.If you love someone never text these type of things and have the guts to say I LOVE YOU in front of him/her