10 Ways Sex Kinda Give You A Personality Makeover


You must have heard people saying, ‘Sex changes people’, well to your surprise they are absolutely right! It basically gives you an absolute personality makeover.

Here is how sex kinda give you an absolute personality makeover:

1. You feel sexier, more confident and obviously a smarter person.

personality makeover

Basically, you get to know more about your body. And you hardly knew if they existed or not. Talking about the confidence, though sex is not the only thing that make you more confident but it can definitely add up!

2. Being fit becomes one of the important things.

personality makeover

Because you know someone else also likes your body. Plus, you start loving your body and so you prefer to keep your body fit.

3. It makes you kinda experienced so you don’t mind discussing it.

personality makeover

Until you do it, you may feel kinda gross about sex. And this makes you more open.

4. In fact, you actively take part in the conversation.

personality makeover

Obviously because experience is the best teacher. So, discussing about it gives you some more experience for the next time.

5. And you don’t mind giving advice to others.

personality makeover

A friend in need is a friend indeed. So giving advice to people is kinda cool for you. And sometimes it helps as well.

6. Happy-go-lucky is your new mantra in life!

personality makeover

Good sex definitely makes you happy. So you got to accept that you life improves after having sex.

7. You think about sex…now.. Often.. And many times…

personality makeover

In fact, fantasizing keeps you bit satisfied as well. Plus, you make scenarios for the next time and to make your sex life better.

8. And you have more secrets to keep now!

personality makeover

Plus, at times you can’t tell those things to everyone and not even with your friend because they judge you if they haven’t done it.

9. Keeping track of your periods becomes one of the important things.

personality makeover

Finger crossed! Even if you used protection, you still keep track!

10. And you freak out in case they are late!


In fact, you should! Because it becomes a bad habit and you want it more!

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